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1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping’s Patio Construction

1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping is happy to offer patio design, planning, and construction services. No matter what your needs or dreams are for your patio, we can help make your vision a solid reality. Call us today at (817) 793-2245 to get started!

We know there’s nothing better than truly enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer by spending quality time outside. With an expertly designed and built patio, you can be sure that you maximize the time nature gives you.

Whether your needs are for your home or your business, you can rest assured that 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping can offer you access to the best deck and patio contractors available. We make it a top priority to keep up-to-date on all the newest construction technologies, so you can be sure you’ll have a structure that’s safe, beautiful, and functional. When it comes to building a beautiful patio, companies actually look to us for advice. We’re proud to be at the forefront of construction technology.

1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping Patio Construction

Patio Construction for Your Home

Do you want a space to sip drinks and grill dinner with your friends? Are you interested in building the ultimate outdoor date night experience for your partner? Do you want to build an outdoor play area for your children and other family members? Whatever your plans are, you can be sure that 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping will see through all of the necessary details to bring your patio dreams to life.

Patios need to be built differently depending on the building surface and the needs of the client. A patio built for adults might not have the same specifications as one that needs to be completely safe for young children! Our expert patio contractors are happy to help you iron out any and all necessary details to make sure your patio meets the specific needs of your space, as well as the people or animals who will be using it.

Patio Construction for Your Business

If you need a patio for your business, your specifications will be much different than the needs of a residential client. Patios will need to be constructed with the foot traffic for your business in mind, maximized for corporate events, or tweaked in other ways.

Affordable Patio Construction Cost

The cost of patio construction varies enormously. There may be serious landscaping that needs to be done at the base in order to ensure that the platform is completely even, as well as preventing things like cracks and pooling water. There are also a wide variety of top material options for your patio. Pavers, wood, stone, and brick are among the many options clients go for. To talk to a specialist about some of the factors affecting your unique patio project, call us today.

Call 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping for Your Patio Construction Needs

We’re proud to be one of the most celebrated and reliable patio construction specialists around. For a list of references, access to a portfolio, or to set up a home visit and assessment for an accurate estimate, call us today!