Lawn Mowing in Fort Worth

With 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping as your lawn care service provider, you’ll have everything you need to give your lawn strong roots, thick growth, and vibrant color. Our lawn care professionals work to ensure your lawn receives all the vital nutrients it needs, as well as trim your grass and flower beds to keep your space looking neat.

We help commercial property and homeowners achieve healthier, more attractive lawns through lawn care services like fertilization, core aeration, power seeding, and soil correction. We’re all about making your yard and home look great through quality lawn cutting services.

Why Lawn Care Services Matter

The 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping difference that sets us apart from other landscaping companies starts with our unique, carefully planned approach to lawn care services. When you choose us for your lawn’s care and maintenance, your services will be carefully customized for your space’s exact grass type and conditions.

Our local technicians bring in-depth experience and expertise about your area’s climate, soil and growing conditions, to your service plan. With our help, you’ll achieve a greener, healthier lawn, no matter your location in Fort Worth.

Control Your Weeds with 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping’s Lawn Mowing Services

With our weed control program, you’ll be able to protect your lawn against invasive weeds that can make your home or commercial space less enjoyable.

Our weed control services can eliminate everything from dry grass to dandelions and clovers and include pre-emergent weed control to stop new weeds from forming in your yard.

Yard Maintenance for Pest Control

Many insects can destroy your lawn, find crevices to sneak inside your property, or even pose health risks to your clients or loved ones.

Don’t let your lawn become a living space for unwanted critters. From outdoor mosquito and tick control to preventing bugs like ants and centipedes from invading your home, our lawn care experts have your back.

Our perimeter pest control rids your yard of common lawn pests and creates a protective barrier around the perimeter of your space that keeps unwanted insects out.

Keep Your Lawn Lush with Specialized Yard Maintenance

Keeping your lawn healthy and green is a demanding year-round commitment, so let your local 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping professionals take care of the work for you.

We offer weekly, monthly and annual lawn mowing packages to keep your lawn looking healthy and attractive. Don’t let the value of your space go to waste with an unkempt lawn – we offer plans to suit your needs.

For Lawn Cutting Services in Fort Worth, Call Us Today!

A greener, more enjoyable lawn has never been easier to achieve, thanks to the lawn care experts at 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping.

From fertilization to weed control, lawn aeration to pest protection, and everything in between, we’ve got your lawn maintenance service needs covered.

With services carefully customized for your lawn and your area’s local climate, our lawn care services will give you the perfect outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of – whether you’re creating a living space for family or clients.