Lawn Dethatching in Fort Worth

We’re very proud to offer lawn dethatching services as a part of our extensive lawn care packages. Call us today at (817) 793-2245 to speak to one of our agents about setting up an appointment. Dethatching is one essential part of any good lawn maintenance system—but it’s overlooked at very surprising rates! Dethatching is often also written off as less important than other maintenance processes, even though thatch is one of the leading causes of lawn rot and other expensive landscaping problems. For more information about how our services can benefit your green space, contact us today!

Grass Dethatcher Professionals for You

Lawn thatch is a term used for the dead grass and debris that can pile up between your healthy grass and the soil underneath. If left for too long, thatch can block sunlight from reaching all the way down the grass plant, and grass can begin to suffer from a lack of nutrients. If left for even longer, this rotting buildup can cause problems like disease to your lawn and surrounding areas.

Thatch is caused by normal lawn maintenance like mowing. If the goals for your property are a perfect, beautiful, manicured lawn, then thatch is going to be an unavoidable part of your life. Thatch is unavoidable—but thatch buildup doesn’t have to be, and it definitely doesn’t have to affect your investments.

1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping offers Fort Worth residents and businesses a service to deal with this irritating fact of life. Make dethatching a part of your typical routine, so you can stop the growth of brown spots. Prevent your lawn from falling victim to disease also means you’ll save on replacement grass in the long run. We can remove your buildup with a professional’s edge and leave your lawn as clean and healthy as you truly deserve!

Maintenance Services: Lawn Dethatching and More!

Healthy lawns aren’t healthy by accident, they’re healthy because they get regular maintenance. As one small part of our extensive landscape and lawn care services, we’re proud to offer regular lawn morning and dethatching, which will keep your property looking healthy and beautiful. Our yard dethatching specialists are certified, qualified, and trained to remove thatch with ease and speed.

Don’t wait until your lawn starts showing signs of disease to start taking better care of it. Disease, brown spots, and dead grass impair the look of your beautiful lawn. We’re proud to be able to make dethatching a regular part of the services we offer. This often-overlooked service can save you some really big frustrations in the long run!

Contact 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping For Your Fort Worth Lawn Dethatching Today

Dethatching is part of any complete lawn installation and maintenance service, and there are only a few landscaping companies that offer it. Lucky for you, 1st Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping is one of them. With our thorough services, you can be confident that you’re doing the best thing for your lawn or other green investment. There’s just no good reason to let unsightly, smelly thatch build-up and threaten the health of your lawn. Call today!